First person shooters then and now

First Person Shooters

Gaming technology has evolved over the years to make the graphics and interactivity better, but some have concluded that the “evolution” has not been a good thing. This image posted on Digg makes a lot of great points.

Are first person shooters devolving?

Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Of course they are devolving. Modern games are too easy, bombarded with eye-candy and no substance and ZERO REPLAY value. The post says it all- Older games had non linear levels which means you get to play your own way. Had tons of secrets and surprises, increased replay value. Lots of variety and memorable environments that keeps you coming back for it. Heck I don’t have any reason to remember any Call of Duty levels.

    Modern game devs either never learned their lessons or doesn’t bother as modern console fed gamers don’t know any better. Give a modern gaming kid the original Doom to play and the first thing he will say “The Graphics Sucks!”.

    Surely, anyone who things graphics matters more than gameplay is not even a gamer in my eye.

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