If you could take your Facebook friends and put them all on Google Plus, would you?

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“It’s a ghost town.”

“I’m used to Facebook.”

“I already have all of my pictures and stuff on Facebook.”

“The mobile apps are getting better. They promised they’d get better.”

“It’s a ghost town.”

There are always going to be reasons to avoid change. It’s human nature to stick within our comfort zone for certain things; it differs from person to person which “things” are relegated to comfort and which we’re willing to branch out. When it comes to social networking, most are at least partially-familiar with the Facebook interface and the people that we get to see on it every day.

Google+ is, in many ways, far superior as a platform. If you take someone who has never experienced social networking before and had them play around with both, there’s a good chance they would choose the features and elegance of Google+ over the antiquated Facebook platform. The problem that Google has is that finding someone who hasn’t tried social networking and is willing to try it is next to impossible – the lines have already been drawn and the sides are pretty solid. Those who were willing to give it a shot at some point probably already have.

As a result, Google is stuck trying to convince people to come over. Once they get them to come over, they have to get them to stick. That’s a problem.

The “ghost town” excuse is very true for many and it’s a catch-22 for Google. You need the people to get on and stay on, but to do so you need to get their friends to get on and stay on at the same time. Staggering adoption won’t work because if Sally tries it early and doesn’t find her friends there, when her friends try it later they won’t find Sally there.

If you could bring all of your Facebook contacts over to Google+ and get them to start using it the way they use Facebook, would you? What if you could also transfer all of your updates, pictures, and information? Are you still using Facebook because it has everything and everyone you’ve already connected with or because it’s a better system?

IF you want to try to convince your friends to come over to Google+ (or if you need some convincing yourself), here’s a nice graphic from Infographic Lab that may just do the trick, giving 20 reasons why Google+ is better.

Switching to Google Plus
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  • G+ is most boring social network I’ve ever seen. 

    • I agree. It sucks to the core and no-one really wants to use it, even if google are trying to use black hat seo techniques to make links to it from every conceivable web page they control

  • I tweeted the article and shared it on Google+. I found your Twitter account Connor. Are you on Google+ too?

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