Life on Planet Facebook

Planet Facebook

Now that the company is public, the employees are rich, and the CEO is married, Facebook is ready for some serious business. They’ve slayed most of the dragons they’ve needed to face up to this point, but the game has changed. They can’t just sit back and make money as a side effort. They have to generate more revenue and profits for their numbers to stay strong on the NASDAQ. For the first time in their history, they really have to try from a business perspective.

Up until now, making money was a side-effect of their efforts to make the most popular and addictive social network on the planet. They are approaching a billion users and the spread is wide across the globe. This graphic by CNN comes to us from Nissan Dealer Auburn and shows some of the mind-boggling numbers on a worldwide scale that Facebook has been able to achieve.

Can they keep up the pace?

Will their revenue catch up with their userbase growth, particularly on the mobile side?

How long until the Instagram deal is finalized? Will Twitter and Google be in a better place for mobile picture sharing before it makes it through?

There are dozens of questions surrounding the network as it falls under the scrutiny that is a part of going public. One thing that is not being questioned is size; never before has a website controlled so much out the world’s time online.

Life on Planet Facebook
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Written by Scarlett Madison

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  • Very interesting……..a lot to learn….where are they factoring in us BOOMERS….is that at all a concern

  • Debbie Kindness

    900 million. WOW!

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