Nerds unite! Celebrating Star Wars Day with The Avengers

Star Wars Avengers

May the Fourth be with you! Its Star Wars day and there is no better day than this to let your nerd hang out and go see Marvel’s Avengers this weekend. I celebrated early this year, attending the midnight premier of The Avengers in costume. I have been an avid comic fan for many years and since the Infinity Gauntlet Series released by Marvel many years ago, I have been anticipating the release of this film before it was even conceived. I stood in the theater proudly exhibiting my home made Hawkeye costume and wondered why no one else was joining me in this moment of pure awesomeness.

What makes the nerd universe so feared and coveted at the same time? Why is it okay to be a fan of a well-developed feature film about comic heroes but reading a series of well written and magnificently drawn comic adventures considered childish? Is there something about the nerd universe that is so taboo that an adult can’t enjoy the adventures of Wolverine or Savage Dragon?

I thank Hollywood and the incredible writers of Marvel Studios for creating a new banner for the nerd community to unite under but I feel that the film audiences are cheating themselves out of good material. There is nothing more invigorating than a strong and suspenseful comic book series, anticipating each monthly issue in hopes that your friendly neighborhood Spiderman escapes the clutches of the Green Goblin. As much as I want the growing fandom of comic superheroes to bask themselves in the glow of the cosmic cube, I can’t expect everyone to have homemade costumes hanging in their closets next to their spouse’s wedding dress.   So, Happy Star Wars Day, enjoy The Avengers and May the Fourth be with you!

Written by Jim Vacey

Jim Vacey is the Assistant Marketing Director for Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor NY. Jim is a graduate from Dowling College with a BA in English and History and looks to pursue an MBA in Creative Writing. Jim is now the proud father of his first child, Harley Quinn Vacey.

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