Talk nerdy to me: Tech takes a seat at the cool kid table

New York City

Not too long ago, the rise of “geek chic” surprised a few and elated many. Now, being called a “geek” can be considered the new “cool,” and in a city like Manhattan, that likes to be on the cutting edge of cool – it’s never been a better time to be a tech-savvy individual.

No, I’m not talking about someone who knows how to use their smart phones to tweet or can program their GPS without having to bang it against the dashboard like I so often have to do before a long drive. I’m talking about the truly well-versed in technology. According to Marketplace, a recent study named New York City second only to Silicon Valley as a technology hub. Since 2007, the Big Apple has become the home to 486 tech-related start-ups and has been adopted as a new home for more established tech-giants.

“Google, eBay, Facebook, have all publicly said, this is one of the major reasons they created offices here, because they were losing in the recruiting wars to other employers who were here,” said Venture capitalist, David Teten, in his interview with Marketplace.

Some of these newer tech companies that are calling New York their home include Skillcrush, a startup that teaches programming and other tech skills to newbies. Skillcrush has a lot to gain on the market in New York, considering the focus isn’t just for the tech-obsessed but for people in industries like media, social media, and fashion who want to create engaging and interesting content and can use skills taught by Skillcrush as a tool to meet those goals.

While New York has been established as the headquarters for industries like fashion, advertising and marketing, the big boys may have to move over to make room for the new cool kids on the block. They’re here, they’re nerdy, and they may not be going anywhere any time soon.

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Written by Amanda Rush

Amanda Rush is a freelance writer, blogger, and content specialist. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree at Creative Writing with a minor in Marketing Management. Follow Amanda on twitter: @msamandarush or visit her website:

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