What’s the marketing potential from Apple’s recent patent for iPhone 3D camera technology?

iPhone 3D Camera

We have been hearing rumors about the iPhone 5 since long before the 4S was launched. One of the most recent rumors to surround the heavily anticipated smartphone is arguably more intriguing than them all. According to Patently Apple, the tech giant has patented a new technology that could give its popular mobile device three dimensional appeal.

The site, which as the name implies, keeps up with all things related to Apple and its patenting initiatives, reported that the company recently patented a new technology that could introduce 3D camera technology into devices running its iOS operating system. Initial reports suggest that the new technology would enable consumers to enhance the visual depth of their shots by using sophisticated microlenses. It is believed that this 3D functionality would not be limited to smartphones, but available to tablets, personal computers, standalone digital cameras, and any other capable devices.

So how would this new 3D camera technology work in the real world? Well according the patent, it would combine radar, laser, light-detection and ranging (LIDAR) and various other sensors to enhance depth and the intensity of color accuracy. The language also indicates that it would enable cameras to detect facial expressions and gestures ranging from a grin to a grimace. It is being speculated that the detection aspect could work by detecting parts of the face such as a person’s eyes, nose, and mouth, and then matching it with a range of expressions and gestures stored in a database.


Marketing potential of 3D camera technology

Should Apple’s 3D camera technology come to life, the marketing potential behind it could be virtually unlimited. We can see it being particularly useful for software and video game developers, companies that provide services to the entertainment industry, and others that exist to create strong visual experiences for end users. Such a concept may sound farfetched, but it isn’t when you consider that the 3D boom has already arrived. In addition to the growing number of 3D-friendly TVs, monitors and mobile devices, the popularity of Hollywood hits like Avatar and Clash of the Titans prove that there is indeed a market for Apple’s concept.

Believe it or not, but a 3D camera-enabled iPhone wouldn’t be the first of its kind in the smartphone space. In fact, that credit actually goes to the HTC Evo 3D, which officially broke the barrier by allowing users to snap pictures, record three dimensional videos, and view the captured content without needing a pair of special glasses. However, what Apple has in store could lend itself to even more exciting possibilities, mainly because of the rich capabilities of its iOS devices.



It is important to keep in mind that while Apple’s 3D camera technology sounds impressive, it is only a patent. There is no guarantee that we will see it implemented in the next iPhone or any other device any time soon. On that note, recognizing Apple as a forward-thinking leader in the world of technology, nothing the company does in the way of innovation should be surprising.

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