Will smartfoods send notifications to our smartphones soon?

Do We Have Milk

Have you ever been out and about and wondered, “do we have milk?” It’s a question that gets asked in families semi-regularly almost as much as the same question about toilet paper. What if our milk talked to us via mobile a mobile application? What if all of our food did?

What if all of the products that filled our lives kept track of themselves and let us know when they were low?

A future of self-aware food may be around the corner and milk seems to be the first step. The Do We Have Milk jug was designed by Teehan+Lax Labs to give us alerts when we’re running low. As you can see in the video, it acts in real time so when someone has used enough milk to make it low, an alert is sent out. Moreover, the app is able to tell you where the closest stores are that sell milk.

On a small scale, this is a novelty. If (when) this is applied on a larger scale, it could be very useful for home life as well as restaurant management. There’s nothing worse than going to a steak house that ran out of ribeyes.

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Written by Rocco Penn

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