Yelp reviews are the most valuable "social currency" out there: study

Yelp Reviews

With so much money going into social media as a marketing and branding tool, it’s hard for businesses to discern the true value that their social media efforts are bringing. How much are they really getting when someone posts a tweet about them or mentions them on Facebook? Are they getting real value or is it all just another intangible to throw into the advertising budget like billboard signs and television ads?

The folks over at backupify took their cloud data and applied it to the question, “What is social data worth?” The results help to quantify social by showing the average per-user value and other aspects of social media users.

It’s not an exact science, but they do tend to fit in with the intuitive understanding that someone looking for help finding the best hair salon or sushi bar would likely run to Yelp over Twitter or LinkedIn. With that in mind, the numbers tend to make sense.

Social Data Value
From: Holiday Ford Via: Backupify

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