Mobile site vs apps

Mobile Apps vs Websites

Ever since mobile devices really started becoming a primary method of surfing the internet and performing various online tasks, experts have debated over whether businesses and organizations need mobile websites, mobile apps, or both to help their presence online. In many ways, it comes down to goals – is it bulk exposure or user stickiness that’s important?

This infographic breaks down the statistics surrounding the two types of mobile engagement styles. Click to enlarge.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Sites
From: Denver Honda Dealers Via: MDG Advertising Hat Tip: Honda Thomasville

Written by Rocco Penn

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  • Anonymous

    Great infographic. Very informative

  • Very interesting facts:)

  • Mobile site vs. mobile app is one viewpoint. For many marketers neither are affordable or manageable. A Responsive site RWD is the preferred option for UX and cost and conversions.

  • Well, I personally tend to use apps more because they are more optimized for my specific devices Galaxy Tab P-1000. Launching a browser usually means longer loading time ans stuff. So, it’s not that time efficient. Plus if you launch an app, you go directly to the content you need but in case you’re using a browser, you need to go to a site and only then you’ll be able to proceed to the actual stuff (page or whatever) you need. At least that’s my take on it. By the way, nice infographic. 🙂

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