This Google Place ain’t what it used to be: The Google+ and Zagat merger

Google Local

It seems we have seen the last of Google Places. As of May 30, Goggle+ Local has resulted in the replacement of Google Places.  Approximately 80 million Google Place pages all over the world have been automatically converted into 80 million Google+ Local pages.

Google+ Local, which is integrated with free Zagat reviews, offers users the ability to rate their favorite businesses via social media. Replacing the star rating of Google+ with the 30 point Zagat rating is believed to encourage users to participate more often with business owned Google+ pages.

With Google Places out of the picture, Google+ will inevitably gain more users that have been reluctant to begin using the Google social networking platform. “Google is hoping these new Google+ local pages will drive more users and businesses to begin using Google+ regularly,” says Justin Maas, Social Media Account Manager at an online marketing firm.

I think that the ability to rate businesses with Zagat will draw millions of Google+ users. While I believe that the Google+ and Zagat merger will cause immediate waves I wondering what Facebook has under its sleeve to beat out the competition. Perhaps the mighty Zuckerberg will call upon his army of techs and create a user friendly rating system that is less about liking and more about open opinion.

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Written by Jim Vacey

Jim Vacey is the Assistant Marketing Director for Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor NY. Jim is a graduate from Dowling College with a BA in English and History and looks to pursue an MBA in Creative Writing. Jim is now the proud father of his first child, Harley Quinn Vacey.

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