Is the Nexus 7 really a Kindle Fire competitor?

Nexus 7

Many have billed Google’s Nexus 7 as a clear competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire. Same price point, same size screen.

The comparisons can really end there, though.

The big difference other than superior aesthetic is in the way the software performs. There were plenty of unboxing videos but we wanted to wait to see how it performed long-term (which, in the tablet world, is a couple of weeks) and so far it has been very impressive. It is more responsive than the Kindle Fire and with the much-larger app store and front-facing camera, Google has created a superior device at the same price as the Fire. As long as the advertising stays strong, Amazon should be in trouble until the next (hopefully improved) version of the Kindle Fire.

This video by marquesbrownlee agrees…

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  • Google competes with something that is built around their own Android framework. I hope these Android phones from different companies don’t kill each other. They all have just one enemy. hehe. I kid! 🙂

  • For me this new Nexus7 is really a good choice when it comes to reading because it is very portable that you wont be experiencing any hassle using it. 

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