It's a good thing Bruce Wayne is rich...

The Bat

It would be impossible for anyone other than a really rich person to be Batman. Sure, anyone who has the physical prowess and the willingness to train can be a strong fighter, but the gadgets, suits, vehicles, and overall systematic infrastructure that goes into maintaining the Batman presence requires money.

Lots of it.

This infographic comes to us from via Seattle Nissan and breaks down the various costs associated with making Batman the baddest man in Gotham City. Click to enlarge.

Batman Infographic
From: Seattle Nissan Dealer Via: Hey U Guys

Written by Rocco Penn

A tech blogger, social media analyst, and general promoter of all things positive in the world. "Bring it. I'm ready." Find me on Media Caffeine, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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  • Anonymous

    so what your saying is the cost to be Batman is like Tony Starks pocket change 😀

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