Facebook allows users to switch profiles into pages


Understanding the difference between Facebook profiles and its pages has not been easy for many businesses, prior to pages, brands would create profiles and once the pages rolled out they did not want to lose the number of friends they had or their progress on their page thus far. Therefore, they were willing to go against Facebook’s Terms of Service in order to keep the profile.

What many may not know is that a Facebook page is not automatically public and is not meant to promote businesses. Facebook pages however, are designed for your brand to choose its proper category to be able to be found within Facebook’s search engine. Pages are also always public and people do not have to have an account on Facebook to view a business page.

Knowing the difference between the two can assist in not getting lost within the FB system, profiles are meant for people and people only and as you may be aware Facebook recently announced that they will be ensuring that this is going to be the case.

But what do you do if your brand is set up as a profile and not a page?

Finally there is a solution that will make both parties happy; Facebook has provided a way for profiles to easily switch into pages.  This means that your photos and friends on your brands profile thus far will be transferred over to a page, however at this time no other data will be moved.

This has been a long time coming and many businesses will be eager to convert their Facebook profile into a business page. It is about time Facebook made this available to its users and making the migration a simple process is encouraging. Providing the no loss of friends makes transitioning from a profile to a page not only easier but smarter too.

Written by Erin Ryan

+Erin Ryan is a writer for various Social Media & Tech blogs and currently works as the Director of Social Media for the Internet Marketing Company, Wikimotive. Erin has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date. Creator and head editor of Socialeyezer She enjoys finding the latest in social media, tech and geek culture. Erin often expresses her thoughts and opinions on TheErinRyan. Connect through Erin Ryan's About.me Profile .

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