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The rise of business technology

In the business world, things have been changing rapidly for many years. We have seen the rise of cloud file servers, working at home or coworking, and mobile computing. Zincubate offers expert critiques of the best technology available to help you build and grow your business.


Technology trends for business

Zincubate.com is the tech for business solution. Zincubate was conceived by Atilus CEO Zach Katkin with the intention of sharing technology with busy professionals. It is a site that helps you keep up with tech advancements and shows you how to apply them to your business to make or save money. With Zincubate, you can get all of the information that you need to know about technology for your business. From project management, project software, to accounting apps, and best tech tips, entrepreneurs can peruse the how-to’s and best practices of writers who break down technology for the layman and woman. Zincubate takes a holistic approach to project management software and apps, offering up industry tips and tricks to help businesses better utilize technology.


Technology for the next generation of professionals

The next generation of doctors, lawyers, construction management firms, and certified public accountants do not have time to become “techies.” Hard-working professionals only have time to run their businesses, and that alone ends up taking more than all they have. They don’t have the leisure to wade through all the bad technology and useless tips to learn how to save their businesses money. Zincubate addresses this problem by sharing directly to specific industries technology tips just for them. Zincubate digests the multitude of “apps-a-day” and provides professionals with only the technology they need to run their businesses better.



To The Cloud

In this project management and technology vein, a primary focus for Zincubate is “the cloud” because of the potential it offers for cost-savings to businesses. While cloud computing has been one of the biggest innovations in the world of business technology, very few actually realize what it is exactly, what risks are associated with it, and how to set it up properly. Zincubate shares technological criticisms of cloud computing options and provides detailed reviews for businesses. Zincubate reviews industry leading file server hosting companies to offer recommendations that reveal secure, dependable cloud file storage so that your business can access important documents wherever they may be – and securely on their mobile devices. By going with a secure cloud server, doctors, lawyers and construction management firms are offered sound advice on how to save money with cloud file servers and virtual networking.


Technology that speaks to you

Communication in project management is critical for organizational success. So is avoiding overspending on antiquated technology for business telephone lines. Zincubate writers have first-hand experience about how to avoid massive investments in hardware for business by making the best use of apps and software online. VoIP is one of those big advancements in business technology that can save your business a tremendous amount of money. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a service that makes it possible for businesses to run their phone systems online through a digital connection. Business owners can avoid the big expenses associated with paying for a traditional land-line from the big phone companies. You also get access to advanced calling features that typically may not even be available from a traditional phone service provider.


Technology that keeps customers happy

One of the hardest things to do in business is filtering out the incessant “information noise” from the stuff that actually matters. Far too often information overload from emails, text messages, and phone conversations prevent a business from meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Customer Relationship Management software, or CRM, is a type of software program that makes it easy for businesses to keep track of their customer relationships. For example, when a sales staff contacts a customer, they can easily keep track of what they discussed in a centralized database that can be accessed by the marketing team, human resources, and the management team. If a customer were to ask a company representative to call back in ten minutes or three weeks, the system saves that information and automatically reminds the person accountable in advance. Better management of customer communications with “cloud technology” leads to profitability, time savings, and growth.


In the end: technology made simple

Advancements in technology have contributed to dramatic changes in business. Formerly, businesses needed a tremendous amount of capital to just break ground. Then growing or scaling your business took another injection of capital. Now, due to major advancements in the security of the cloud, there doesn’t have to be ground broken at all. Technological advancements such as these have opened doors for creativity and entrepreneurship. The problem is not with the technology; the problem is finding the right technology that works for your particular business’ needs among so many poorly constructed alternatives. Zincubate delivers on its promise to help you build your business with technology that works.

Written by Drew Hendricks

Drew Hendricks is an SEO and Social Media specialist living in Seattle, Washington. Drew writes words that people enjoy reading every moment they are awake.

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  • Zincubate has an awesome team behind them! Love their work. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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