The social media monster


There are many distractions during the work day, but one of the biggest culprits is undoubtedly social media. That quick check of Facebook, can sometimes turn into an hour or so.

On average, workers are interrupted once every 10.5 minutes and 28% of the day is spent on interruptions and recovery time. Also, 23 minutes is the average time it takes a worker to get back to their assigned task. And to think, 45% of workers believe they are expected to work on too many things at once. It might be time to stray from your Facebook for a while and focus on your task at hand.

Not only does being distracted affect you and your working ability, interruptions will cost the American economy almost $650 billion a year. More than one billion posts per day are made on Facebook, with the average user spending 405 minutes per month on Facebook, 1 of every 5 page views is on Facebook, and users send 700,000 messages every second. There are 62 billion emails sent every day, reading email consumes 28% of the average worker’s time, there are 112 emails sent and received per day and it takes 5 days for the heart to recover its natural variable heart rate after being cut off from email. Lastly, we have Twitter. With 400 million tweets posted per day, 89 minutes on average per month is used on Twitter, 175,000 tweets per second, and 1 million new accounts added every day.

No wonder it’s costing the country billions of dollars with this many posts being made and this many interruptions in a work day. Sometimes we all just need to unplug.

Check out this infographic presented by RedeApp to learn more about just how distractive social media can be.

Social Media Monster [Infographic]
Courtesy of Red e App

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Monster image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Written by Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the President of NowSourcing, Inc., a premier social media firm specializing in infographic design, development and content marketing promotion. The company is based in Louisville, KY and works with companies that range from small business to Fortune 500.

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  • You cant put email in the same bracket as social media! Totally misleading! The biggest problem here is email – it is far more disruptive than social ADM more stressful to deal with. All email did was put the memo online and provide an opportunity for everyone to cover their backsides. Time we had an alternative. Email is a web 0.5 tool.

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