Why are you not blogging?

Why are you not blogging?

You have the world at your fingertips.

Social media is our most recent progression in the history of our communication and yet, some people are still unaware of what social media entails.

Many people get hung up on social networks that they think that is all there is to social media and nothing more… they could not be more wrong.

Interacting in a public forum is a form of social media, I would even go as far as saying that MSN Messenger and AOL were early adapters to the shifting within our communication, the one on one chats to the chat rooms of Yahoo.

Social media began in small spurts and progressed into social bookmarking sites and the social networks we know today. However, communicating long-hand is still a part of social media, so I must ask.

Why aren’t you blogging?

I totally get the whole 140 characters and how we like to keep it short, sweet and to the point, but that is not all there is, surely there is still room for lengthy conversations that exceed limitations.

Blogging is a form of social media since it gives a blogger a place to spew thoughts, opinions and ideas and in return a forum for people to respond through comments, their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Everything has not all been said, it has not all been done and conversations that are not compacted lead to provoking thoughts.

We still need to think, to take a moment and dissect what another person is saying and that is not always going to be provided to us from a tweet or a SMS.

This does not mean that you have to be a deep thinker to write a blog post, but you do have to keep in mind that people will want to engage with you or connect with you more than what a social network can provide. An audience is broad and want to know more about what they would consider investing time into, whether it is a business or a person, your persona is of interest to somebody.

Therefore you do not need to squat your thoughts, instead, create a blog and share your thoughts freely, you may be surprised at how many others feel the same.

Don’t put a cap on connecting, find a topic, TV show or Tech piece you are passionate about and share your thoughts through your keyboard. There is always some pair of eyes on the other end of the screen to read it and perhaps make them think “Why am I not blogging?”

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Written by Erin Ryan

+Erin Ryan is a writer for various Social Media & Tech blogs and currently works as the Director of Social Media for the Internet Marketing Company, Wikimotive. Erin has a keen understanding of the power of Social Media for business and fervently stays up-to-date. Creator and head editor of Socialeyezer She enjoys finding the latest in social media, tech and geek culture. Erin often expresses her thoughts and opinions on TheErinRyan. Connect through Erin Ryan's About.me Profile .

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  • Matthew McCrady

    It’s kind of funny that one of the articles linked to at the bottom of this page is “Status updates should not be novels”. I don’t know if other people feel this way, but I just have nothing worth blogging about. No special interest or hobby, like model plane building, that might attract a small following. And I’m not knowledgeable enough about politics or religion to write an informed, well-written blog about serious topics. I’m just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, and that isn’t worth memorializing on a blog that maybe three or four people I know in real life will actually read, but no one else.

  • NeoLuddite

    I don’t blog because there is no money in it for me, and I have enough work already. I’m at a point in my life where something has to be fun or profitable or necessary for me to do it. Blogging is none of those things for me, at present. I also don’t really think that telling strangers about my life and daily happenings is something I WANT to do. My friends know what’s going on in my life, primarily because I tell them when I see them, or in the cases of those who now live farther away, because I talked or chatted with them. If they need to know, they know. As to the rest of the world, it’s really none of their business what I do/like/think.

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