MythBusters meme procreates

Jamie from MythBusters Walrus

Who doesn’t love the television show MythBusters? This show takes science and technology and smashes them together like two Tonka Trucks. Their style is go big or go home, which is right up my alley, since watching things blow up or finding facts that are true or not make for a fun time.

James Franklin “Jamie” Hyneman, one of the co-hosts of the show who is well known for his walrus mustache is an American special effects experts and owner of M5 studios (where Mythbusters is filmed.)

He is known for many things however, the Internet has made him mainstream with the meme of his mustache. Every time I see one I giggle like a school girl, so what better way than to share the latest finding of this meme with my fellow Mythbusters fans.


MythBusters meme procreates
Written by Rocco Penn

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