Health, environmental improvements eyed in shift to electric vehicles

EV Charging Station

The environmental movement has long had its sights on the automotive industry as a central point of change. They have pushed the idea that gas-guzzlers are one of the main culprits in the war on the environment and that if we change our ways to alternative energy sources, we can improve the world around us.

What about our health? Can EVs improve our health conditions as well? That’s the contention of the study-based infographic below.

It came to us from Baker Electric Solar thanks to Milwaukee Ford Dealers. Click to enlarge.

EV Stations and Health
Written by Sal McCloskey

+Sal McCloskey is a tech blogger in Los Angeles who (sadly) falls into the stereotype associated with nerds. Yes, he's a Star Trek fan and writes about it on Uberly. His glasses are thick and his allergies are thicker. Despite all that, he's (somehow) married to a beautiful woman and has 4 kids. Find him on Twitter or Facebook,

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