Norton antivirus advertisement captures technology newphoria

Rocco Penn December 7 Gadgets

These days when creating an advertisement your best bet at success in gaining the attention of the viewers is by tapping into their emotional chest; building a storyline that people can relate to, that is creative and ultimately makes the viewer believe in your product is not solely based anymore on what the product is but a clever display of how the product will make you feel.

The well-known company in which provides software to protect computers from viruses, Norton, has come up with a creative way to not only explain visually what it is like when we attain a new electronic device but dramatically shows you how their intention is to let you feel your happiness while they protect you from the harmful intrusions on your computer.

They have titled the feeling associated with a new device “Newphoria” in which we as buyers or receivers of a new technological gift feel upon our first encounter and many days following, we almost forget the world around us. In the advertisement Norton antivirus reminds us of the dangers and that they are there to protect us, the advertisement most certainly displays how us Tech folks get when we purchase a tech product and that makes it extremely relatable, of course, with the help of titling it “Newphoria” makes for a clever addition and the special effects are pretty decent to boot.

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Written by Rocco Penn

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