In lieu of a Bible, iPad app used to swear in promoted Atlantic City firefighters

iPad Bible Sworn in Firefighters
Rocco Penn February 12 Apple

There was a time when not having a Bible at when firefighters or other public officials were sworn in would have meant a quick trip to someone’s home. Today, if you don’t have the real thing, you can always find a virtual one at the App Store.

Such was the case in Atlantic City last week when it was realized that everyone had forgotten their Holy Book. According to NBC40:

Atlantic City promoted several firefighters to the rank of Battalion Chief and Fire Captain thanks to some quick thinking and technology.  At Friday morning’s promotion ceremony, it was realized no one had brought a Bible to City Council chambers, where the brief ceremony was held.  After some quick thinking, the Bible app was pulled up on an iPad, which was then used to swear in the eight officers to their new positions.

Written by Rocco Penn

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  • dwaynekilbourne

    When it comes right down to it, an app for this simply will not work… for me, I still need a Bible!

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