A 450-foot tall game of pong played on the Cira Centre Building in Philadelphia

Largest Game of Pong

It’s the grandfather of all video games. Pong has been played on many grand stages, but according to Dr. Frank Lee, gaming professor at Drexel University, the game played on April 19th and the followup games on April 24th are the biggest games of Pong in history.

Dozens of people got to play, being selected as part of a “Golden Ticket” lottery on April 17th. The games are being held on the Cira Centre Building in downtown Philadelphia as part of Philadelpha Tech Week.

“The project came to me as I driving down 76,” said Lee. “As the sun was going down I saw the sparkly lights at the Cira Centre. In my mind I saw Tetris shapes falling down. That was the genesis of trying to create a game using the Cira Centre lights., so this will be a 450-foot tall video game.”

Lee has been working on the project for four years.

Pong is not just a game that people in the gaming community knows but Pong is something that everyone knows,” he continued. “It is a cultural milestone.”

Here’s the video describing the project, footage from the April 19th event, and the flyer used to promote the lottery.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
Pong on Cira Centre Building
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