Technology in the classroom

Technology in the Classroom

Well, it wasn’t easy, but integrating more technological resources in schools is finally starting to pay off. Eighty-seven percent of parents think that effective implementation of technology is important to their child’s success in school, and 50 percent label it as extremely important. And a respectable 64 percent of parents think their child’s school is doing a good job with incorporating technology into student achievement.

Many teachers find the use of technological devices for classroom use beneficial to their lesson planning and sharing information between other teachers. It helps them to interact with their students more clearly and keep in touch with parents, as well.

Again, according to parents, 43 percent say that device oriented learning helps school to home communication, and 45 percent say it personalizes learning for each student. Students and parents alike are happy to have access to their textbooks via mobile devices, extending the learning day and increases student engagement and interest.

Teachers of low income students find it more difficult to incorporate technology into the school day mostly due to lack of formal training and a lack of resources making it a “major challenge” for classrooms.

However, it’s no 100 percent kink free yet; as of now 71 percent of teachers still think that having instant access to information discourages students from using other methods of research and makes it harder to find and use credible sources.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how technology is used in the classroom.

Classroom Technology

Written by Brian Wallace

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