Microsoft and Google at it again

Google vs Microsoft

Yes, Microsoft seems to have given Google the hump lately with their new update for the YouTube app on Windows Phones. The problem is that users of this app can now save videos on their phone and play them as much as they want offline, oh no!

In fairness, it is clearly stated in YouTube’s terms and conditions that granting users the ability to store videos is prohibited. I’d like to bring forward the fact that this app isn’t the first of its kind; in fact there are loads of ways to lift YouTube content. On your PC, there are ample extensions available, along with dedicated websites where you can download the file directly. I’ve also noticed that when I type in “YouTube” I’m given a million different options for YouTube downloaders, this is the case with Windows, Android & Apple phones.

The point I’m trying to make is that although this act is prohibited, Microsoft aren’t the first to do it.

Google has made it very difficult in the past for Microsoft’s Windows phones to use any Google tools and functionalities. Google has said that Windows doesn’t have enough users for them to spend time developing apps. However there is a little bit of a contradiction as there are clearly enough users to warrant sending a Cease and Desist letter.

Microsoft is making a statement and hopefully one that will not be ignored – could we see Google developing much needed apps like Google Plus and even maps? Or will this rivalry worsen?

Written by Lewis Austin

This article was written by Lewis Austin , the PPC & Social Media Manager at Absolute Digital Media . Working on a variety of campaigns within our paid search department, Lewis is currently studying to become a Google AdWords Certified Individual, extending his knowledge within the AdWords and Analytics platforms. When he’s not keeping up to date with Google’s latest blogs, news and webinars, Lewis loves watching comedies and relaxing with the odd video game.

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