Flow will never let you miss a task again


Flow is a productivity tool that offers an intuitive, sensible solution to all of your personal tasking needs.  With a clean, user-friendly interface, Flow makes managing your tasks a simple process from start to finish.

From the moment of a project’s conception, Flow users can oversee its progress entirely. Once a task has been created, you’re able to include a comprehensive list of each notation or piece of information you’ll need to make sure the task is completed successfully. Flow also makes delegating tasks a simple process with intuitive commands and an interface that leaves nothing to question.  For project management software that will keep you on top of your tasks, Flow can help ensure that you never miss a beat.

Flow also accommodates for your personal resources: It’s available on both a web and iOS platform, and syncs between platforms for your convenience.  For mobile users, Flow’s iOS app can keep you connected to your tasks even while you’re on the go.

Whether you require a project management software that can serve a large team or simply meet your personal tasking needs, Flow has you covered.  Should you need to delegate tasks amongst your team, Flow makes it easy to interface with project members and keep track of who is working on what on any given task.  Add your contacts when you create your Flow accounts, or check for existing contacts with an easy search bar interaction.  Any contacts you add to your Flow account will be handily available to you, and you will be able to quickly and simply loop them in for your various project needs. However, contacts can only view the tasks they’re personally shared on, so you can ensure privacy on any tasks that your team isn’t included on.

Flow gives you a variety of options for managing your projects.  If you’re deadline driven, view and manage your tasks by checking out those that are in the “upcoming” tab, so you’ll be sure to never miss a due date.  Check out your upcoming tasks as they occur daily, weekly, monthly, or in a simple, linear list form.  If you’re all about seeing those tasks that most urgently need completing, view your projects that have been flagged for importance by clicking on the “flagged” tab. When urgent tasks arise, they’ll remain in the “flagged” tab until you either un-flag them or mark them as completed.  For team-oriented users, view your tasks according to whether or not they’ve been delegated.  Those projects that have been assigned to a team member will be filed under the “delegated” tab, which you can click on for in-depth information on delegated projects and who they’ve been assigned to.  Finally, the “my tasks” tab provides a comprehensive overview for any and all tasks that you’ve created or are associated with in Flow.

Picking the right project management software for your needs can seem like a shot in the dark at times, but with Flow on the scene, you won’t have to spend any more time second guessing which program is right for you.

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