The art of getting retweets (with addendums)


There really is more art than science when it comes to getting retweeted on Twitter. For individual influencers and organizations with a lot of clout, it’s easy. Justin Bieber could post a link to a blank white page, call it “A white bunny in a snow storm”, and still get thousands of retweets. For the rest of us, it takes practice and creativity.

The infographic below is good in that it has some strong statistics and best practices, but businesses wanting to use Twitter the right way should take much of it with a grain of salt. For example, it recommends saying things like “Please Retweet” or “PleaseRT” in your posts. This is fine for an individual trying to promote their message of disdain against the government, but businesses should never resort to begging despite the potential positive results. It seems desperate and for every retweet you’ll get, 10 other people will not like what you’re doing and may unfollow you.

The Friday concept is off as well for businesses. We’ve found that Sunday through Tuesday is the best day for Retweets from business Twitter accounts.

The most important thing to remember is to be transparent, relevant, and real. Mix it up. Test. Twitter has potential to drive local business when done properly.

Anywho, here’s the infographic via

The Art of Getting Retweets Infographic
Written by Louie Baur

+Louie Baur is Editor at Long Beach Louie, a Long Beach Restaurant Review site as well as Skateboard Park. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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