The cost of being Batman, 1939 vs 2013


Wouldn’t it be great to be Batman? Rich playboy by day. Gadget-toting crime-fighter by night. It’s the type of lifestyle that many would love to try out if only for a short time.

His daytime job is the key to success. Being a rich playboy means having the tremendous amount of resources required to turn an ordinary vengeance-filled person into a extraordinary vengeance-driven crusader of justice. It has always been that way since the creation of the character nearly 80 years ago, but today’s variation requires much more than a little extra pocket change to make the transformation work.

Here’s a graphic from Mashable that breaks down the difference between Batman when he was born into comic books and today’s variation that has a much higher price tag.

Batman Then and Now Infographic
Written by Scarlett Madison

+Scarlett Madison is a mom and a friend. She blogs for a living at Social News Watch but really prefers to read more than write. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
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  • zippy

    being rich… the best superpower

  • Spencer

    Wayne Manor $444,000?
    I would have guessed maybe $10,000,000

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