A tale of two consoles - Xbox One versus PlayStation 4

Which is better? That’s the question that will continue to be asked without a clear winner all the way through the launch of both and probably well beyond that time. Still, it’s fun to compare even if we have nothing with which to compare in our own hands.

As the video game industry barrels toward the launch of next-generation consoles this November, the Internet has become awash with arguments pitting Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 against one another in a hardware-heavy fight to the death.

When the two companies first showed their hands to gamers, most tech-savvy critics sided with Sony when it came to the PS4’s sheer horsepower. Not wanting to lose a race that hadn’t even truly begun, Microsoft responded by increasing the clock speed of the Xbox One’s central processing unit (CPU). At one point, Albert Penello, the Xbox team’s director of product planning, even went into the trenches of gaming forum NeoGAF to argue against accusations that the One was “underpowered” compared to the PS4.

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