Gold bling iPhones selling out (and now the rest are too)

The demand for the gold iPhone was through the roof and most are sold out early on launch day. Now, the rest of the colors are following the trend as Apple’s expectations were well below reality.

Apple’s latest iPhones are now on sale online worldwide and at retail stores across Europe and Asia, with a US retail launch scheduled for 8:00AM local time. If you’re looking for a gold iPhone 5S, however, you may leave the Apple Store disappointed. Despite being the star of Apple’s flagship lineup, multiple sources tell The Verge that the new gold model is in short supply for launch day.

Confirming our sources’ reports, the gold iPhone 5S is now listed with an “October” shipping date in the US, UK, and Australia online stores, while all the other colors currently have one-to-three and seven-to-ten day delivery estimates. It took less than 30 minutes for the gold 5S to slip to an October wait in the US. Several earlier reportsĀ also suggested that the iPhone 5S will be hard to come by in general, as Apple may be focusing on the lower-cost iPhone 5C, which could be in higher demand and easier to produce in large numbers right now.

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