Google may have been an unwitting pawn of an NSA "Man in the Middle" attack

There’s a reason why CNET, Techdirt, and Slate didn’t make much noise when it was revealed that the NSA or Britain’s GCHQ may be using a “man in the middle” attack by impersonating Google. With so many revelations about the spy agencies in recent weeks, this could easily be skipped. It’s to the point that even publications with that sort of clout aren’t able to get much of a rise out of people.

We’re simply tired of hearing the evils of the NSA.

Unfortunately, it’s a huge deal. It means that they aren’t just finding ways to collect data on citizens through standard processes. It means they’re getting into the business of using notorious hacker techniques that are even further down the road of legality than any of their other alleged surveillance techniques.

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  • Vince

    Google isn’t saying. Anything about it because they have nothing to lose. The people are the losers here as always.

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