Intel enters the eyeglass tech segment

Google Glass and Samsung Gear may not be commonplace gadgets you see people wearing on their faces every day, but that’s not stopping Intel from taking a stab at the industry with their own variation of glasses.

It’s fascinating to see deep-tech companies climbing up the value chain and getting nearer to end customers. Dolby, the original “inside” product is doing it in video and sound. Intel, the other “inside” classic, announced Thursday it has made a significant investment in Recon, makers of what must be the most advanced wearable computing devices to date. Intel is going into consumer markets.

Their target, Recon, until recently were also an “inside” play, providing the wearable computing in the Smith + Recon Ski Goggle. The goggle provides a slew of information including speed, jump analytics, altitude, distance, location, temperature and much more. Recon jet is Recon’s own  cycling and runner glass.

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