Yahoo Groups Re-Design Traumatizes Users

Yahoo! has told thousands of users who are complaining about the Purple Palace’s pisspoor redesign of its Groups service that it will not be rolled back to the old format – despite a huge outcry.

The Marissa Mayer-run company revamped Yahoo! Groups last week, but it was immediately inundated with unhappy netizens who grumbled that the overhaul was glitchy, difficult to navigate and “severely degraded”.

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  • Lani Global

    To @marissamayer:
    Style won’t save Yahoo Groups from its self-inflicted demise. #YahooGroups #EpicFail

    To @marissamayer
    I run 50 #YahooGroups 20,000 members total. I am closing 2 groups per day, moving to web forums! In 25 days all groups are toast

    To @marissamayer
    You have an EMERGENCY brewing at Y!Groups due to Neo FAIL. It is shutting down all the groups.

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