You are just a spoiled kid if you are complaining about Apple right now

As an Apple fanboy I often get asked whether I’m worried about the future of the company. People will say things like ‘clearly they aren’t innovating anymore’. I call bullshit on that, and here’s why.

Apple has revolutionized several industries and somehow if they don’t keep revolutionizing a lot of people suddenly get bored. We want, or demand, another revolution at every Apple event, and when we don’t get one we are disappointed. Kinda like a spoiled kid that gets a car for their birthday and then complains about it being the wrong color.

Of course we also get disappointed when we DO get to see something new. When the iMac was introduced it was dismissed as a colorful toy that would never sell. When the iPod was introduced people called it uneventful and ‘just another MP3 player, and an expensive one at that’. When the iPhone was introduced competitors openly laughed out loud. The iPad? It was dismissed as ‘just a big iPod touch!’

Apple just can’t win with us.

If they don’t introduce something revolutionary, we complain.
If they do introduce something revolutionary, we also complain.

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