3D smartphone by Amazon is coming

As they continue to find success in the tablet market, Amazon is hoping to make a big splash in the smartphone market as well with a pair of upcoming releases including one that reportedly has a 3D display. iWho?

Amazon is working on two smartphones to add to its Kindle fire range – An expensive model with a 3D display and a less expensive budget phone.

According to the original rumour, the expensive model- codenamed ‘Smith’, would have an ‘eye tracking mechanism’ with a 3D effect. However, as further information was leaked, it became clear that the screen itself would not be 3D but it would have a combination of four front facing cameras which would track the user’s head and eyes in order to display a 3D effect on screen. The software will recognise only the primary user’s face and ignore all other faces around it, so the 3D effect will be projected only to the user and not those around you.

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