Dallas Morning News paywall fails

They’re keep trying until they find a better way to make money. Traditional news sources like the Dallas Morning News still haven’t found an easy way to stay afloat and even turn a profit.

When the San Francisco Chronicle said that it was demolishing its news paywall in August, we wondered whether it might be the beginning of a paywall rollback trend. Now a second metro newspaper has decided to go the same route: the Dallas Morning News announced that its news content will once again be free to all web visitors starting on Tuesday, October 1.

Much like the SF Chronicle, the Dallas newspaper said it will continue to offer a premium service to paying readers, and it hopes to add more unique features to that service in the future, such as customization and access to events.

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  • Robert McClure

    it seems that getting advertisers pays off for others, like, abc, cbs, facebook, google, etceterahrahrah.

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