Move over, BigDog. WildCat robot is even freakier.

When Boston Dynamics started rolling out videos of their BigDog robot, it was pretty creepy. It could carry equipment and follow soldiers across tough terrain. Now, their newer WildCat robot trots along in a way that is absolutely terrifying.

YouTube Preview Image

Boston Dynamics, the company behind mind-blowing robots like BigDog and Atlas, this week showed off its latest creation — Wild Cat.

The four-legged robot, which made its debut Thursday on YouTube, is being developed to run on all different types of terrain without being tethered to a power source like its predecessor, Cheetah. The video (below) shows the large feline-like robot powering up, then lifting itself off the ground onto its four legs. It then backs up before showing off its skills galloping, bounding, and even turning.

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