Samsung Galaxy Gear is a not-so-smart watch

The promise of the upcoming smartwatch phenomenon is great enough to bring all of the major gadget companies to the table. Samsung was the first of the usual suspects to make a mass-market smartwatch but did they rush it for the sake of being first? Considering what the Galaxy Gear does (or rather, what it doesn’t do), the answer may be a resounding “yes”.

When a new article is posted on the Internet, the first addition to the comments section is often an inconsequential, one-word statement: “First!”

The frequent “First!”¬†cry of the Internet troll declares some strange pride in being the first to comment on an article. The commenter put little to no effort into the post; it added nothing to the conversation, and it was completely devoid of substance. The troll did secure the spot at the top of the thread, though, and every additional commenter will be forced to scroll past the pointless contribution.

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