Google filed a patent for a neck tattoo with a built in lie detector and microphone

Google is well known for its crazy ideas and its latest patent filing is certainly crazy. The patent references a temporary neck tattoo that has a built-in microphone and can act as a lie detector. This Google neck tattoo is still in the early stages of development, but it still draws questions to what kind of secret projects Google is working on.

It’s no secret that Google thinks big when it comes to crazy, innovative technologies, and that appears to be just what the company is doing with its latest patent filing (via The Register). Google’s Motorola Mobility division, a year ago, filed for a patent relating to a temporary neck tattoo that can serve as a lie detector and includes a built-in microphone. It’s an incredibly out-there concept. Essentially, Motorola says you will be able to apply the tattoo with a sticky substance to your neck and wirelessly connect it to a mobile device.

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