Google Play Music is worlds better than Spotify

If you’re a music lover, chances are you’ve used Spotify at some point. You may have even tried Google Play Music. Here’s a breakdown of why the latter is much better than the former.

Ever since Spotify was launched I’ve been a subscriber and huge fan of the service. I’ve sworn by it for years and have built extremely large playlists on the service and synchronized them with all of my devices.

I’d tell my friends of the benefits of Spotify over competitors like Rdio — such as their extensive catalog of music — but I’ve fallen out of love with the service. Over the last few years it seems like Spotify hasn’t been improving the service much aside from adding new discovery features; their desktop and mobile apps are much the same as they were over a year ago and they don’t seem to be seeing any change with each update that’s pushed.

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  • JimGramze

    I’d love to see an article comparing and contrasting the various music streaming services. I doubt it would tear me away from iTunes Radio, but it could still be a good and informative read.

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