In the realm of DIY, subdermal gadget implantation is as weird as it gets

So, you want a computer to monitor you. That’s fine. You want it to be in your arm, under your skin. That’s a little weird, but it might be more prevalent in the not too distant future so it’s definitely not unheard of in 2013. The kicker that takes it to the realm of absolute strangeness – you perform the operation yourself and stitch up your arm in a way that would look appalling on Frankenstein’s monster. Now you’ve hit the oddball zone.

Subdermal Gadget Implantation

If you get the inkling, go buy a Google Glass instead and call it a day.

There’s a guy out there with a computer embedded in his forearm. The time of the cyborgs has officially begun. What’s more, this isn’t some highly-classified military program bent on the creation of super soldiers. The dude just kinda wanted a computer in his arm, so he hired a body-modification expert to cut him open and slap the bit of electronics inside.

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