NASA's robotic assistant is getting a new pair of legs

NASA’s 8-foot tall, 500 pound robotic assistant called the Robonaut is going to be getting upgraded with a new pair of legs early next year. The new pair of legs will enable the Robonaut to be able to climb swiftly through hatches on the International Space Station.

Robots certainly come in handy when it comes to helping us humans out in difficult situations, such as doing repetitive work without getting tired at all, ferrying heavy items from one point to another without breaking a sweat, and best of all, not complaining about long working hours as well as organizing a strike as a union. They are good workers, and it remains to be seen whether an apocalyptic vision will pan out when robots become self-aware and want to eliminate humans. NASA’s Robonaut assistant is touted to be on the receiving end of its most major upgrade to date, which would be a new pair of legs.

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