New device allows you to control the mind of a cockroach

The $100 device can be attached to the back of a living cockroach and will allow you to control the cockroach’s movements with a remote. After a few minutes the device will lose its effect on the roach, but after 20 minutes of inactivity, you can use the device again.

I don’t know whether this tech is fascinating or truly horrifying. Probably a bit of both.¬†The Roboroach is a small kit that you attach to the back of a cockroach. By “microstimulating” the bug’s antennae, you’re able to literally drive the thing.

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  • this is weird to me because i know people or at least i’ve seen or read about people who keep roaches as like pets or whatever and i never got the sense that they would do something like that…this sounds like another one of those retarded military industrial complex bullshit nonsense shit that looks cool on paper to those retards running the Pentagon who are just fleecing our entire country of its GDP for what…missiles to blow-up what…what are we blowing up this time?

    we can “control” roaches but what…can’t figure out how to prevent the next Sandy Hook…hmm…gee…i wish i could help you there…

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