China bans Battlefield 4 over "national security" concerns

Following the release of Battlefield 4’s recent China Rising expansion pack, the Chinese government has banned EA’s most successful title due to “national security” concerns. The Battlefield 4 single-player campaign takes place during 2020, when a Chinese admiral initiates a plan to overthrow the government. The China Rising expansion features a variety of new maps, vehicles and an additional gametype, all set on the Chinese mainland.

Electronic Arts’s latest war simulation game has been banned by the Chinese government, but it’s not likely to hurt the company much since it doesn’t sell the product there. The Redwood City, Calif., company’s “Battlefield 4” game was banned following the release of a new downloadable storyline, “China Rising.” The new story, set on the Chinese mainland, draws from the premise that a Chinese military leader has decided to attack American forces as part of an attempted coup.

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