Chromebooks accounted for over 20% of all notebook sales in 2013

According to reports, Google-powered Chromebooks accounted for over 20% of all laptops sold in 2013. This is very good news for Google and very bad news for Microsoft. As tablets continue to eat away at laptop sales, Windows PC’s are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. If Chromebooks continue to be as successful as they are, Google could soon come to dominate the laptop market that Microsoft has had a hold on for so long. 

A new release from the NPD Group indicates that notebooks running Google’s Chrome OS have gained significant ground in the past year. According to the statistics, over one-fifth of all laptops sold in 2013 were running the free software. Of course, it should be noted that the numbers presented don’t take built-to-order machines into account, instead relying on sales of pre-configured options, but even with custom orders included this impressive figure is still very good news for Google.

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