Firefox OS review: "Firefox OS isn’t ready for the big time"

Many people have been hoping for a new mobile operating system to challenge Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, the three dominant mobile operating systems. Both Mozilla and Samsung decided to take up the challenge by developing their own mobile operating systems, Firefox OS and Tizen. While both are still in development, Mozilla recently released Firefox OS to certain critics for reviewing purposes, and things aren’t looking good. 

Here’s something which shouldn’t come as a surprise, I like playing around with smartphones. I know, shocking for someone who writes about them. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted, but then addicts rarely understand they have a problem. Ask my significant other, and she’d probably tell you something very different. It was with considerable excitement, then, I unwrapped the ZTE Open a month or so ago, ready to snort some Firefox OS and enjoy the rush of discovering a brand new mobile OS. Unfortunately, instead of weeks filled with psychedelic wonder, the Open was so unpleasant that it forced me to go cold turkey. Yes, I did the unthinkable. After a while I tried to avoid using the phone entirely.

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