How much would it cost to build a Windows version of the Mac Pro?

Apple’s new Mac Pro is a beast, by far the most powerful computer that the company has ever released, especially when all of the hardware is upgraded. As powerful as it is, many people are dissuaded by the massive price tag which can range from $3000 to $10,000 depending on how which components you choose. Is this massive price tag simply because of Apple’s “premium” image? Would a similar machine running Windows be cheaper? That’s what Stephen Fung tried to find out.

The new Mac Pro is the most powerful and flexible computer Apple has ever created, and it’s also extremely expensive — or is it? With a price tag that can climb up around $10,000, Apple’s latest enterprise workhorse clearly isn’t cheap. For businesses with a need for all that muscle, however, is that steep price justifiable or is there a premium “Apple tax” that companies will have to pay? Shortly after the new Mac Pro was finally made available for purchase last week, one PC enthusiast set out to answer that question and in order to do so, he asked another one: How much would it cost to build a comparable Windows 8 machine?

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