Microsoft is having active discussions about the future of Gears of War

The original Gears of War trilogy was met with universal critical acclaim and millions of sales. It quickly became Microsoft’s second best selling Xbox-exclusive series behind Halo. Naturally, once the series ended, the company wanted to continue capitalizing on the success of the series and decided to release Gears of War: Judgement earlier this year. However, the new game wasn’t met with nearly the same success that the previous games were and now Microsoft is having active discussions about the future of Gears of War.

The last Gears of War title that was released was back in 2013 with the Gears of War: Judgment game, and if you were looking forward to the next title, you might want to sit back and get comfortable because it does not appear as though a new title is in development right now. That’s not to say that the franchise will be discontinued, but according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, it seems that at the moment they are currently having discussions about the future of the franchise, which sounds as though there might not be anything in development for now.

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