PS4 helped boost PS Vita Sales for Sony

Sales of the PS Vita actually rose during the PS4’s launch week in the UK. The numbers state that the Vita’s sales rose by 68% during launch week, and rose again by an additional 65% in the following week. According to Sony’s Senior Product Manager, Ben Law, Vita sales are apparently seeing strong week-on-week growth and pointed at the Remote Play as being a huge incentive for gamers to get their hands on the handheld console.

The PlayStation 4’s recent launch in the UK may not have been a success just for the new home console – MCV reports that sales of Sony’s Vita handheld rose by 68 percent during the PS4’s launch week, rising again by 65 percent for the following week. Senior Product Manager Ben Law said that Vita sales are “continuing to see strong week-on-week growth since [Sony’s] latest campaign kicked in.” Law also pointed to Tearaway and the Remote Play feature as incentives for gamers to purchase a Vita “either as a stand-alone device or as the perfect companion to PS4.”

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