Verizon T-Mobile spectrum deal reportedly being finalized

Recently there have been a lot of rumors circulating that Verizon is looking to sell its unwanted A-block spectrum to T-Mobile U.S., the fourth largest mobile carrier in the country. It is reported that the deal might be announced as early as next week as the final details are in the process of being hammered out. As a result, T-Mobile will get its hand on frequencies that cover almost 150 million people in the country. Verizon will get cash and spectrum in markets where it needs the most.

It’s not final yet, but, according to Bloomberg, mobile carrier giants T-mobile and Verizon are about to close a massive spectrum deal that will increase service for 150 million people if the FCC approves the transaction. Right now T-mobile has the 1900MHz and AWS spectrums, which work fine but don’t have the capability of penetrating underground structures and dense buildings, causing T-mobile customers to lose reception when they’re not outside.

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