26.9% of Mexico’s smartphone market belongs to BlackBerry

Despite doom and gloom reports of BlackBerry’s future, there are still many markets out there where the company is flourishing, such as South Africa and Indonesia, for example. Well it looks like BlackBerry can add Mexico to the list of markets it is doing well in because according to a new study conducted by the Competitive Intelligence Unit, it seems that BlackBerry’s market share in Mexico is sitting at 26.9%.

A new study conducted by the Competitive Intelligence Unit throughout the third trimester of 2013 shows the people of one of the world’s largest countries, Mexico, still love their BlackBerry devices. The CIU concluded BlackBerry’s market share in the Latin American nation is at 26.9% going into 2014. Now, that may seem like a lot, but unfortunately, as Mexico’s Yucatan points out, BlackBerry’s smartphone market share has actually fallen 20% in Mexico to that 26.9% figure.

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