Alienware releases specs and launch date for its Steam Machine

Alienware said its Steam Machine would arrive in the second half of 2014, and it wasn’t lying. The hardware maker revealed during the Steam Dev Days developer conference that it plans to have the Alienware Steam Machine ready for a September launch. Though media aren’t allowed at the event, several attendees have trumpeted the release month on Twitter, including Dave Oshcuro, director of marketing at Gunnar Optiks. He wrote: “Alienware on stage now with their Steam Machine. Launching in September.”

Start your clocks, folks: You have nine months to save up the (presumably prodigious amount of) money needed to buy Alienware’s shiny new Steam Machine. On Friday the company announced a September launch for its upcoming box, which Valve managing director Gabe Newell called the “full potential of what a Steam Machine should be.” The details came out of Valve’s Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle—a mystical gathering of developers, secluded in a conference room learning all of Valve’s secrets…and then tweeting them out to the world, thank goodness.

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